The Heir & Heiress Club, Inc.

Teach them the way and they will not depart from it. 

Master Skills Class: Heirs and Heiresses obtain their goals by attending classes, workshops, seminars, concerts, and mentoring sessions based on specific skills.  These 2-6 week courses end with a final task or “Task Goal”. The goals once met, demonstrates that the Member has mastered the specific skill or behavior
needed for the next challenge or master skill.  If the goal is one of a professional nature that requires testing for licensing, passing the test equals completing the task goal.  Once complete an invitation to the next master skill is presented the Member.

Invitation & RSVP:  The invitation is given to the Member once a task goal is completed. Once presented with an invitation to the next master skill, each Member must make a commitment to attend the next session. An R.S.V.P. card is presented to the Member and their Parent who must indicate “Yes” to continue on to the next Masters Skills Class.