The Heir & Heiress Club, Inc.

Teach them the way and they will not depart from it. 

Program Goals: The SingHeirs is a growing children's chorus created by The Heir & Heiress Club, Inc. This youth group highlights vocal ranges from soprano to bass and are ages 12-18. The young ladies and gentlemen of The SingHeirs volunteer their time to help spread an interest of choral music to the younger generation.  The SingHeirs have obtained musical mentors by partnering with The Chesapeake Civic Chorus. In addition to expanding their performance experience, the chorus members will have the opportunity to attend summer music camp and career building.  Ultimately, our goal to build popularity for our chorus and choral music among young audiences and to perform for youth targeted programs.

For more information on sponsoring the activities of The SingHeirs or The Heir & Heiress Club, Inc., please contact Doris Patterson-Brown at [email protected] or 757-343-5015.

Heir’s Readers Club focuses on 5-6year olds transitioning from kindergarten to first grade, 11-12 year olds transitioning to Middle School, and 14-15 year olds transitioning to High School. The Club creates clear, obtainable, paths or “Master-Skills" dedicated to take the Member through appropriate steps to closing any gaps in reading, library usage, vocabulary building skills, and AR (Accelerated Reader) progress.

Class for the Readers Club Member includes attending Workshops, Mentoring Sessions, Teacher’s Feedback Sessions, TecHeir Classes, A Book Review, and The Readers Projects.


We are extremely honored to be able to start the Heartsong Program.  The Heartsong Program will allow those identified as disabled to have music lessons as a life experience. The beauty of music and the opportunity to know the it's make up is a rarity now days.  It is our goal to keep the music education possibility available to everyone.  As we go along in the 2016-2017 school year we will keep you updated on how the H&H / Heartsong participants are doing.