The Heir & Heiress Club, Inc.

Teach them the way and they will not depart from it. 

What Else?  Oh yes there's more...

The Heir and Heiress Club is designed to create structure for Members to meet their personal and professional goals.  We have found that poor social behavior can take away ones opportunity to excel.  Our behavior can create that first impression one will always remember.  In addition, we have found that those who display poor behavior do so because of lack of training or insecurity.

 The Heir and Heiress Club create clear obtainable paths or “master skills” dedicated to take the Member through each appropriate step to reach their goals.  Once the master skills class is completed the Member must test out of the skill by passing the “task goal”.

Mandatory Master Skills:  Mandatory Master Skills are the initial tasks all Members must complete before receiving invitations to other skills.

Etiquette – Presenting proper table and entertaining etiquette.  This workshop covers table manners, table settings, and applying simple courtesy skills.

Hygiene – Proper personal grooming (hair, skin, and body cleansing) and dental care.

Gentleman Heirs  and  Lady Heiresses  Age based workshops on proper social behavior.  Depending on the age of the Members group the workshops will consist of grooming hair,  choosing wardrobe, and fragrance.  The use of proper professional and personal gestures as well as the art of dating.

There is so much more we wish to tell you about this wonderful program. For more information about the process or to donate or request a program please feel free to contact us.